A new perspective
on the legendary
battle on the Volga

"There passed not only hours, there passed days and weeks in this smoking hell, where gun and mortar noise did not cease for a minute, where the roar of tanks and aircraft engines, the multicolored rocket flares, the shell blasts have become as ordinary to the city as once had been the grinding of trams, the car horns, the street lights, the many-voiced roar of the Tractor factory, the solemn calls from Volga steamers. And the soldiers fighting there have arranged their everyday affairs: there they drink tea, they cook dinners in pots, they play guitar, they clamor, they keep talking and watching over the lives of their neighbors."
Vasily Grossman


Hierarchical command structure for operations in the Stalingrad campaign


Order of battle: Units

Order of battle: Commanders

Order of battle: Men

Soviet and German sides

Unit details and history

Interactive map

The most up-to-date information on the Battle of Stalingrad from newly released archival documents.


The New Edition has been awarded the APMC Cultural Price at the Salon de l'Histoire in Paris, France.
Four volumes and 1,800 pages of translated archival documents (including German 6th Army's and Soviet 62nd Army's war diaries), orders of battle, strength returns, strategic and tactical situation maps, quotes from actors, contextual photos, week by week synthesis and day to day operational detail.

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Georgy Konstantinovich Zhukov
Alexander Mikhajlovich Vasilevsky
Nicolaj Fjodorovich Vatutin
Konstantin Konstantinovich Rokossovsky
Andrej Ivanovich Eremenko
Grigorij Davidovich Stelmakh
Mikhail Sergeevich Malinin
Ivan Semenovich Varennikov
Aleksey Sergeevich Zheltov
Aleksey Illarionovich Kirichenko
Nikita Sergeevich Khruschev
Dmitry Danilovich Leliushenko
Prokofij Logvinovich Romanenko
Ivan Mikhajlovich Chistiakov
Pavel Ivanovich Batov
Ivan Vasilevich Galanin
Aleksey Semjonovich Zhadov
Vassily Ivanovich Chuikov
Mikhail Stepanovich Shumilov
Fedor Ivanovich Tolbukhin
Nikolay Ivanovich Trufanov
Vassily Filippovich Gerasimenko
Vassily Vasilevich Butkov
Andrey Grigorevich Kravchenko
Aleksey Gavrilovich Maslov
Trofim Ivanovich Tanaschishin
Vassily Timofeevich Volsky
Aleksey Grigorevich Rodin
Issa Aleksandrovich Pliev
Timofey Timofeevich Shapkin
Mikhail Dmitrievich Borisov
Aleksey Ivanovich Semenov
Afanasij Sergeevich Griaznov
Nester Dmitrievich Kozin
Andrej Pavlovich Karnov
Mikhail Ivanovich Zaporozhchenko
Gavriil Stanislavovich Zdanovich
Leonid Vasilevich Vetoshnikov
Dmitrij Petrovich Monakhov
Jakov Stepanovich Fokanov
Aleksandr Ivanovich Belov
Ivan Iakovlevich Kulagin
Nikolaj Sergeevich Timofeev
Arkhip Ivanovich Tolstov
Nikolaj Terelovich Tavartkiladze
Georgij Petrovich Isakov
Viktor Georgievich Chernov
Pavel Filippovich Lagutin
Mitrofan Ilich Matveev
Georgij Pavlovich Lilenkov
Viktor Sergeevich Glebov
Aleksandr Ivanovich Pastrevich
Pavel Prokofevich Vakhrameev
Fedor Aleksandrovich Prokhorov
Z.S. Shekhtman
I.J. Fursin
Serafim Petrovich Merkulov
Ivan Alekseevich Makarenko
Denis Protasovich Podshivaylov
Petr Ivanovich Fomenko
Kirill Kochoevich Dzhakhua
Vasilii Semenovich Askalepov
Iosif Fedorovich Barinov
Aleksandr Vasilevich Chizhov
N.I. Krasnobaev
Aleksandr Mikhailovich Ignatov
Vladimir Iakovlevich Vladimirov
Ivan Matveevich Makarov
Nikolaj Stepanovich Nikichenko
Gleb Vladimirovich Baklanov
Petr Pavlovich Chuvashev
Alexander Ilich Rodimtsev
Victor Grigorevich Zholudev
Stepan Savelevich Guriev
Vassily Pavlovich Sokolov
Vassily Akimovich Gorishny
Ivan Efimovich Ermolkin
Ivan Ilich Liudnikov
Fedor Nikandrovich Smekhotvorov
Nicolay Filippovich Batiuk
Leonty Nikolaevich Gurtiev
Mikhail Ivanovich Denisenko
Anatolii Ivanovich Losev
Ganii Bekinovich Safiulin
Aleksandr Vasilevich Kirsanov
Aleksandr Vasilevich Skvortsov
Iakov Filippovich Eremenko
Ivan Konstantinovich Morozov
Emelian Ivanovich Vasilenko
Iosif Ivanovich Gubarevich
Leonid Nikolaevich Alekseev
Timofei Timofeevich Khriukin
Sergei Ignatevich Rudenko
Konstantin Nikolaevich Smirnov
Stepan Akimovich Krasovsky
Dmitrij Dmitrievich Rogachev

Kurt Zeitzler
Maximilian von Weichs
Erich von Manstein
Friedrich Paulus
Hermann Hoth
Arthur Schmidt
Walther von Seydlitz
Hans-Valentin Hube
Karl Strecker
Walter Heitz
Erwin Jaenecke
Günther Angern
Hans-Heinrich Sixt von Armin
Helmuth Schlömer
Alexander Hartmann
Richard Stempel
Carl Rodenburg
Max Pfeffer
Hans-Georg Leyser
Erich Magnus
Alexander Edler von Daniels
Heinrich-Anton Deboi
Hans-Adolf Arenstorff
Arno Lenski
Georg Pfeiffer
Martin Lattmann
Wolfgang Pickert
Eccard von Gablenz
Werner Sanne
Richard Schwerin
Otto Korfes
Bernhard Steinmetz
Ferdinand Heim
Petre Dumitrescu
Constantin Constantinescu
Georg von Sodenstern
Teodor Ionescu
Nicolae Dascalescu
Constantin Sanatescu
Aurelian Son
Corneliu Dragalina
Florea Mitranescu
Constantin Trestioreanu
Savu Nedelea
Constantin Panaitiu
Gheorghe Stavrescu
Constantin Bratescu
Gheorghe Ionescu
Nicolae Mazarini
Mikhail Lascar
Gheorghe Radu
Ioan Mikhaescu
Dumitru Tudose
Barbu Alienescu
Radu Baldescu
Nicolae Tataranu
Dumitru Popescu
Radu Korne
Eberhard Rodt